On February 12, 1982, 13 Reporters of Decisions and their assistants gathered in Washington, DC, to discuss the possibility of forming a national organization. The meeting was hosted by Henry C. Lind, the Reporter of Decisions for the United States Supreme Court. Justice Byron R. White addressed the gathering. Mr. Lind had invited every American Reporter of Decisions he could find. From the 27 state and 5 federal reporters contacted, Mr. Lind received 25 affirmative responses. The group unanimously adopted Mr. Lind's resolution calling for the formation of a national association, although no final decision was made as to the organization's title.

A second organizational meeting was held in July 1982 at the Maryland Court of Appeals. At that time, the group adopted bylaws and selected the name "National Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions." All present were enrolled as charter members, and the Association's first meeting was convened. Henry C. Lind was elected president. Shortly after the Association's founding, the word "National" was dropped when the group attracted an international membership.

United States Supreme Court, where ARJD
members first met in 1982.

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