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Volume XXV, No. 2 May 2006


April 7, 2006.... Washington D.C. was beautiful. It wasn't snowing, like it was in Ottawa when I left. The only white flakes I saw were the cherry blossoms gently falling to the ground in the warm breeze. I have decided that sneezing and sniffling from inhaling pollen is much better from sneezing and sniffling as a result of a cold.

The ARJD Spring Board of Director's meeting went well. It was really exciting to hear the plans for our AGM in Kansas City, but now I've been out of the office for a day and a half. What do I have to do? That's right. Work on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting in Kansas from August 3rd to the 7th, and write my President's report for the Catchline.

Okay, but first....

April 10, 2006.... Oh yes, I have to tune in to the swearing in ceremony for the newest Supreme Court of Canada justice, the Honourable Marshall Rothstein. I wonder what he will be like? How do Reporters' offices in other courts adapt to a new judge? It's a good thing we will be discussing how to work with new judges at our AGM.

April 12, 2006.... I have to respond to the urgent request of the Departmental Security Officer for my comments on the Business Continuity Plan to be invoked in case of emergency. I wonder what other courts are doing? It's a good thing that we will be discussing disaster recovery plans at our AGM.

April 13, 2006.... Two judgments released.

April 14, 2006....Easter weekend. Four days to relax.

April 18, 2006.... Of course, its a new fiscal year and I have to deal with that sticky budget problem. No point in discussing that at our AGM -- I think all courts are in the same boat.

April 21.... Two judgments released.... Wit a minute, I also have to do my President's message for the Catchline. Darn, its now April 21st and I've missed the deadline. At least the judgments got out in time....

See you all in Kansas City!

Barbara Kincaid

Mike Moran Receives Appreciation

Andy Ashe reports that, on January 20, 2006, Mike Moran of the New York Law Reporting Bureau staff was presented with a plaque from the ARJD in appreciation of his work in designing and maintaining the ARJD website. The award was presented by Andy at a senior staff meeting. The award was authorized at the ARJD annual meeting in London where many past and future website issues were discussed. Lloyd Hysan of the United States Supreme Court's staff graciously arranged for preparation of the plaque bearing the seal of the ARJD. Mike was very appreciative of this award and wished to thank the ARJD members for recognizing his work.

Andy would also like to thank Cindy McCormick, who works for both the Law Reporting Bureau and the New york Court of Appeals, for her many hours of effort in updating the Catchline section of the website and in preparing and loading the photographs of annual meetings.

Andy states that it is the hope of the website committee to add links to the many State and Federal reporters' and judiciary websites for all jurisdictions represented by the ARJD. This will be a topic of discussion at our annual meeting in Kansas City on August 3-7, 2006.

Life in Retirement

Two of our retired charter members of the ARJD have kindly shared their experiences. George Earl Smith was formerly the Reporter of Decisions for the Alabama appellate courts and John A. Cutts III served as the Reporter of Decisions for the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

George Earl states, "As I left the office in September 2001, I enrolled as a student in a 'shared-majors' program operated by Auburn University-Montgomery. I graduated in August 2005, with a second B.A. degree (in international studies), witha major in Spanish. I spent July 2005 at a school in Mexico, on a Auburn Abroad program, earning my last six hours of credits. I have also renewed my teaching certificate, so that I can do volunteer work as an E.S.L. teacher.

"Last spring I taught an introductory Spanish class for my town's adult-education program, and last fall I worked as an assistant instructor in the E.S.L. program for family members accompanying international officers attending school at Maxwell Air Force Base. I have also been able to make two trips recently to Pascagoula, Mississippi, to work in a Katrina-relief program.

"Janice and I have two grandchildren (ages four and three) in State College, Pennsylvania. Two years ago, we bought a house there, and now I am out of school we spend about one-third of our time there. We also have a one-year-old grandson in Montgomery. Our house up North is on the slope of Mt. Nittany, and we can see P.S.U. and Beaver Stadium from our house. If someone had told us a few years ago that we would be spending autumn afternoons at Beaver Stadium cheering for Coach Paterno and his Nittany Lions -- well, who could have guessed?

"I am now auditing two Hispanic-literature classes. For this coming summer, I have committed to spend three weeks in a village in Panama; I will be translating, first for a team of American doctors and then for a group of American construction workers building a medical clinic. (This means I will miss the A.R.J.D.'s annual conference.) My projects right now are learning Spanish medical terminology; listening to Spanish television a couple of hours a day for practice with the spoken language; reading novels of the Mexican Revolution; and reading 'Dora la exploradora' with my grandchildren."

John relates, "I am enjoying retirement very much. I do not regret my decision one bit. In general I enjoyed being Reporter of Decisions at the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, but it was a good time to do. Now I take each day as it comes, and do whatever I want that day. I do not have to plan ahead to get time off for doctor's appointments or visits from repair people. I can get tickets for a plan at Ford's Theatre without asking anyone if it will be all right. In fact several weeks ago I went to a noon matinee at Ford's on 3 days notice and sat in the front row. I had a great time and got home before rush hour. It is quite a relief not to have to fight rush hour any more, much less have to get up at the crack of dawn to meet my carpool. When it snows, I just turn over and go back to sleep.

"I have no general plans for travel except for visits to the beach this summer and home for Christmas. While I was in the Air Force (for 10 years), I traveled across most of the US. I was stationed in California (Where I traveled all over) and then to Vietnam. While there, I went to Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Then I went to Germany and was able to visit England, Frances, Holland, Belgium, Austria, and Italy. Finally, I was assigned in DC and traveled all over the US east of the Mississippi. Of course, I have attended most of the ARJD annual meetings so I have seen a good bit of the US recently. In other words my traveling days are on hold for now.

"I can't say I am doing anything exciting in these days of retirement but amazingly it seems that each day just flies by and I really don't know where it went. I have discovered the Internet, and I am not sure if that is a blessing or a curse. But there it is. At least I can keep in touch with my friends in ARJD.

"I am sure all of you out there will view retirement differently and will find lots of exciting things to do. I know George Earl is doing all kinds of great things and enjoying himself quite a bit. I really am glad I am in my present position and I am keeping my options open. I highly recommend retirement to any of you who are in a financial position to take it. Best wishes to everyone !!!"

Kenya Law Reports

An inquiry from Jo'Abuodha, Assistant Editor of the Kenya Law Reports, concerning membership in the ARJD led to my visit to This is an excellent site. A good starting point is to read the interesting history of law reporting in Kenya, beginning with the publication of the East African Reports from 1897 to 1905, and continuing to the present with the National Council for Law Reporting (NCLR), established by the National Council for Law Reporting Act of 1994. The NCLR is composed of the Chief Justice; the Attorney General or representative; a judge of the Court of Appeals; a judge of the High Court; a public officer; two advocates representing the Law Society of Kenya; the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Nairobi; the Government Printer or its representative; and the person appointed as the Editor of the Kenya Law Reports. Perhaps, taking a virtual visit to Kenya, we may consider adding Nairobi to our list of future sites for our ARJD annual meeting.

ARJD Archives

If you are in possession of any interesting photographs from past ARJD annual meetings, please pass them on to the ARJD Historian Janette Bloom.

New Membership Initiative

At our annual meeting in London a roundtable discussion was held on the New Member's Perspective of the ARJD -- What is the ARJD doing or not doing to serve new members? This matter was considered again at the spring 2006 Executive Board meeting in Washington DC and it was thought that what we need to do now is to get new members to take the lead in the discussion. With that in mind, the Executive Board invites any new members (1-5 years of ARJD membership) to serve on a committee to study the issue. This committee will be charged with continuing the discussion and submitting a report to the Executive Committee in the Fall of 2006. A very detailed summary of the roundtable discussion appears in the minutes of our Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting in London on pages 11-13. If you are interested in serving, please contact our present, Barbara Kincaid.

ARJD Website

Andy Ashe urges ARJD members to join the mail/discussion list. To join, go to Andy indicates that the next website project on the horizon is to add links to the website. It is hoped that members will agree to add their office websites to the links. Andy also intends to add a link to websites involved with out annual meetings. For the upcoming annual meeting, go to for answers to your questions about Kansas City.

Disaster Recovery Plans

The State Auditor in Massachusetts is engaged in an IT Audit of various Commonwealth agencies. While many states may have already implemented sophisticated disaster recovery plans, I offer the Massachusetts disaster recovery audit check list as a minimum for those who might still be in the planning stages:

"1. Secure an off-site location for back up data tapes, servers, etc.

"2. Create an inter-departmental agreement for relocating employees to another site -- e.g., college classrooms with network and telecommunications access to system servers

"3. Provide awareness training to employees -- e.g., fire drills, evacuation procedures

"4. Create service level agreements with vendors for what they would provide to you in an emergency and for how long -- e.g., computer replacements, software, and maintenance

"5. Secure a storage location for one-of-a-kind items such as official stamps or seals, letterheads, etc.

"6. Designate an assembly area where employees meet for a head count after evacuations

"7. Designate a public information spokesperson through whom all information flows

"8. Create an operation manual which can be used at both the current and recovery sites

"9. Designate an off-site storage site for telephone numbers and emails of vital contacts

"10. Test the plan -- simulate a worst case scenario

"11. Conduct an annual review of the Disaster Recovery Plan"

2005-2006 Committee Chairpersons

Education: C. Clifford Allen, Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court of Massachusetts
Honors: Richard D. Ross, Kansas Supreme Court and Appeals Court
Membership: Kathryn M. Bann, Superior Court of Pennsylvania
Nominating Committee: Shauna Thomas, Supreme Court of Montana
Site Selection Committee: Lloyd M. Hysan, Supreme Court of the United States
Website Committee: Charles A. Ashe, New York State Law Reporting Bureau

Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting

The twenty-fifth annual meeting of the ARJD will be held on August 3-7, 2006, in Kansas City, Missouri. The meeting will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel (formerly the Fairmont on the Plaza Hotel). The room rate is $139 per night. Further details are included in this mailing.

Our twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh annual meetings will be held in Anchorage, Alaska (August 2007) and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (August 2008).

Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions

President: Barbara Kincaid
General Counsel, Law Branch
Supreme Court of Canada

Vice-President: Wilma Grant
Manager, Publications Unit, Office of Data Systems
Supreme Court of the United States

Secretary: Edith V. Lavin
Supreme Court Attorney
Supreme Court of California

Treasurer: Truman S. Fuller
Reporter of Decisions
Supreme Court of Washington

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Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

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Volume XXV, No. 2 May 2006

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