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  The Catchline


Volume XX, No. 3 May 2002


Twenty years ago in July of 1982, a small group of Reporters of Decisions and their assistants gathered in Washington, D.C., and founded the Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions. This group, our charter members, functioned as the heart of our organization for many years. As time passed, others joined them in carrying on the association's work, accepting various responsibilities over the years, often without broad recognition for their efforts. But something as simple as the passage of time now brings ARJD to a cross-roads. Only two charter members continue as active members today. Many long-standing members have retired, taking less active roles than before. The "changing of the guard" is now underway. Newer members must assume leadership roles long held by others. Some have already stepped forward to fill the shoes of the old guard, but more need to show the same devotion and dedication as those who came before us for ARJD to remain a strong and vital association.

To recognize ARJD's 20-year milestone, Saturday, August 3, has been set aside as a day for all ARJD members, past and present, to come together and talk about where we ve been and where we re headed. We will start the day with a roundtable discussion, move on to a business meeting on related topics, and cap the day off with a celebratory dinner. All charter members, past presidents, and honorary members are invited to participate in Saturday morning's roundtable to share their views about the past, present and future of this organization. Their collective experience and wisdom will help us chart a course for ARJD's future. That evening, we will celebrate ARJD's 20th birthday with a party in honor of our charter members, past presidents, and honorary members. A private room in the elegant and romantic restaurant Chez Queux will be our venue—just a short walk or subway ride from the hotel in Old Montréal. Please bring stories, mementos, and photos of past meetings to share.

As a follow-up to the roundtable discussion on Saturday, a business meeting will be held for our current members. Attendance at this session is essential because vital decisions must be made that day. To ensure the most efficient use of our time, concrete proposals will be presented for discussion, with written materials distributed in advance of the meeting. This will be your opportunity to be heard and vote on such important issues as: proposed changes to the bylaws concerning ARJD's officers; addition/deletion of committees; possible changes to the annual meeting; and future publication and distribution of The Catchline and membership directory. I urge you not to pass it up.

About the rest of the meeting . . . a varied and informative program has been planned. The reporting practices of our host court, the Supreme Court of Canada, are the central focus of the education sessions. We will hear remarks from ARJD members Anne Roland and Barbara Kincaid on the challenges of the judgment reporting process in bilingual/bijural Canada and how they are using technology to assist them. Included is a visit to the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa to tour the court and library. Also joining us in Montréal are Professor James C. Raymond for a presentation on legal writing and ARJD member Gary D. Spivey of New York to speak about a possible Second International Symposium on Official Law Reporting. Finally, a roundtable discussion centering on the emerging practices of publishing decisions not selected for publication and of withdrawing decisions pursuant to stipulation is also planned.

As for other activities, West Group and Lexis Nexis have again graciously agreed to host several events. Lexis Nexis is sponsoring our trip to Ottawa, breakfast each day, and our opening day reception. West Group is sponsoring Saturday's events at Chez Queux and also a daily hospitality suite, serving as an informal meeting place to visit with friends, have a snack, sign-up for optional events, or just locate a shopping or dining partner. Continuing a tradition started in Alabama, we have invited West Group, Lexis Nexis and other vendors to an information session where they can showcase their new products, answer our questions, and meet members of our organization individually. Those who attended last year will find that we changed the format of this session to make things a little less structured.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Montréal. When arriving Wednesday afternoon or early evening, please stop by the hospitality suite to visit and pick up your registration materials. Information on guest and optional activities will also be available.

Janette Bloom



Portland, Oregon, will be the site of ARJD's annual meeting in 2003. Tim Fuller and his wife visited several hotels in Portland on March 16 and 17 and submitted detailed evaluations of each property to the Executive Board at its spring meeting. The board unanimously and without hesitation selected the Hotel Vintage Plaza in downtown Portland. Tim reports that this "European boutique hotel" is full of old-world charm with a center atrium extending 10 stories upward to a skylight at the top of the hotel. Lloyd Hysan and Tim continue to work on the details and will update us on this site at the annual meeting.



William F. Haggerty, Reporter of Decisions for Michigan, recently announced his retirement. A long-time member of the ARID, Bill served as president of the organization from 1991 to 1992 and has acted as both the chair and a member of many, many committees. Most recently, he committed himself to advocating for the ARJD on the all important universal citation issue.

Bill began his law reporting career as a Legal Editor in 1980. He became the Assistant Reporter in 1982 and, in 1985, he was appointed Reporter of Decisions and served in that capacity for both the Supreme Court of Michigan and the Michigan Court of Appeals. His projected retirement date is September 30, 2002. Asked about his plans for the future, Bill indicated that he plans to do something "that's fun, like writing, taking a job, woodworking, gardening and watching the river flow..."

One of Bill's many admirable character traits is his forthrightness and honesty. He is never afraid to take a difficult issue head on and speak his mind on that subject. Bill has devoted untold hours to our organization both strengthening and encouraging everyone in it. To say that we will miss Bill is an understatement, for Bill Haggerty represents the very best of us. During the years of difficult maneuvering through the universal citation issue, Bill brought great wisdom and dedication to the problems that confronted the ARID. Although his retirement is upon us, we know that he will continue to be available for our benefit and the betterment of legal publishing.

Known as Bill "The Hammer" Haggerty to only one of his friends, he will be sorely missed.



The site for the 2002 Annual Meeting is the Hilton Montréal Bonaventure in the heart of Montréal. This penthouse hotel occupies the top floors of a 17-story complex with direct underground access to the subway system and train station, as well as shops, theaters and restaurants. The hotel's rooftop garden is home to resident ducks, outdoor terraces and a spectacular swimming pool. Many fine attractions are within walking distance of the hotel, including Old Montréal, the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, Place des Arts (Performing Arts Center) and the Montréal Planetarium. More energetic types will find hiking and biking at nearby Mount Royal Park.

Getting There

Montréal is accessible by air, train, bus and boat. The hotel is a 20-minute drive from Dorval International Airport and 45 minutes from Mirabel International Airport. Public transportation from either airport is available for a moderate cost. Fares from Dorval to downtown Montréal are about $11.00 (Canadian) for the bus and $28.00 (Canadian) for a taxi. Limousine service is also available for about $65.00 (Canadian). For those driving to Montréal or renting a car, the hotel is providing us with complimentary self parking—one car per room.

Entry into Canada

United States citizens or permanent residents of the United States can enter Canada without a passport or visa. However, it is advisable to carry evidence of citizenship, such as a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or certificate of naturalization. If these documents do not contain a photograph, a driver's license or other type of photo identification can be combined with such documents to establish identity. Permanent residents of the United States who are not citizens should carry their Resident Alien Card. All persons visiting Canada from other countries must be in possession of a valid passport and may also need a visa to enter Canada.


This 5-star hotel has all the amenities. There is a health club with the latest equipment, massage therapy and a year-round heated outdoor pool. A business center is located on site as are several restaurants. Also offered are a concierge desk, car rentals, currency exchange, babysitting services and in-room internet access. A special package called Vacation Station is available for those traveling with children.


The cutoff date for making reservations is July 1, 2002. Reservations made after this date will be on a space available basis. Call the Hilton Montréal's toll free number at 1-800-445-8667 or reach them at 514-878-2332. (There are no special dialing instructions when calling Canada from the United States.)

When making reservations, identify yourself as part of the Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions group to secure the special rate. The rates are as follows: Standard rooms:

$200 (Canadian) or about $138 (U.S.); Executive Level accommodations: $260 (Canadian) or about $179 (U.S.) Please note that the room rates are given in Canadian dollars and that the actual hotel rate of exchange at the time of your stay will apply. The room rates are also subject to the following taxes: 7% Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T.) plus 7.5% Provincial Sales Tax (P.S.T.) plus a $2.00 occupancy tax. The G.S.T. and P.S.T. are refundable to non-Canadian residents. More information on how to obtain a refund will be provided at the meeting.

Check in time is 3:00 p.m. and rooms will be held until 4:00 p.m. on your arrival day. For late arrival, rooms can be guaranteed with a credit card or deposit.


A dues notice is included with this issue. Please complete it and return it to Tim Fuller as soon as possible.



When selecting the site for this year's annual meeting, the Executive Board faced a tough choice between Montréal or Québec City. Lloyd Hysan, as usual, found superb hotels in both locations, so choosing between these two lovely cities was not easy. Montréal's proximity to Ottawa finally tipped the balance away from Québec. You, however, do not have to make such a choice.

Arrangements have been made for an optional add-on trip to Québec City before or after the annual meeting. Take the train round trip from Montréal to Québec City and spend three nights at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. (The Frontenac was our runner-up hotel.) Vouchers for dinners at three upscale restaurants, a Québec City sightseeing tour, and admission to the Québec Observatory, the Québec Experience, and the Museum of Civilization are included in the package. The price of $688.00 per person also includes trip insurance and all taxes and meal gratuities. No minimum number of travelers required; vouchers provide you with maximum freedom to explore Québec City on your own.

For more details and reservations, please contact Kathy E. Niederkorn of Classic Travel in Carson City, Nevada, at 775-883-9331. Hope to see you there!



The Montréal Expos are playing at home during the 2002 Annual Meeting. Games against Arizona and Houston are scheduled for July 30 and 31 and August 1, 2, 3, and 4. Except for Sunday, all games will be played at night. Andy Ashe will have all the details at the annual meeting. If you can t wait until then, check out the Expos web site at


It's been 20 years since 13 Reporters of Decisions and their assistants gathered in Washington, D.C., and founded the Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions. Come join us in Old Montréal for dinner and a birthday celebration on Saturday night, August 3, 2002, at Chez Queux. The celebration will honor our charter members, past presidents, and honorary members. Please bring photographs of prior meetings for all to enjoy.


Please complete the enclosed Registration Form and return it to:

Janette M. Bloom

Supreme Court of Nevada

201 S. Carson Street

Carson City, Nevada 89701

The registration deadline is July 1, 2002. The fee is $100 and is waived for retired members, family members, and event sponsors. Please make checks payable to ARJD.

Hotel reservations are made directly with the Hilton Montréal Bonaventure by calling either (800) 445-8667 or (514) 878-2332. The reduced group rate on hotel rooms is available only until July 1, 2002.


1 Place Bonaventure, P.O. Box 779

Montréal (QC) Canada H5A 1E4

Toll free: 1 800 445-8667

Tel: (514) 878-2332

Fax: (514) 878-3881



Reservation deadline: July 1, 2002



ARID members have been sent two surveys with this issue of The Catchline. One is the biennial ARJD Salary Survey and the other is an ARID Annual Meeting Survey. Both surveys are designed to take a minimal amount of time to complete yet provide our membership with valuable information. Please fill them out and return them as soon as possible to Janette Bloom, 201 S. Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701. The results of both surveys will be compiled for presentation at the annual meeting. Thanks for your help.

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