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Volume XXVI, No. 2 January 2007


In behalf of the ARJD Executive Board, our very best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year to all members. We look forward to renewing our friendships and networking in Anchorage in August, 2007.

The executive board met in Washington, D.C., on Friday, November 17, 2006. Two sets of previous meeting minutes from 2005 and 2006 were approved without changes. We discussed concerns from our treasurer regarding cost control for future annual meetings. Expenses for meals and audio visual equipment in Kansas City were very high and, going forward, we need to exercise caution in our spending, and create an annual meeting budget. Treasurer Tim Fuller and I will work on the matter.

Without a budget, the president is put in a position of approving expenses without knowing whether there are sufficient funds. Our vendor support, to date, has been generous; however, the board felt that additional funding would be needed in the form of an increase in annual meeting registration fees from $125 to $150 and by instituting a guest fee of $25 for each non-member guest. Most of you are aware that the ARJD has been picking up expenses for some meals -- the above fees will help offset some of our meeting-related expenses.

Even with these increases, the cost of attending the ARJD annual meetings, which remain rich in educational content and also include entertainment and several vendor-hosted special events, is reasonable. Host vendors will be entitled to two free annual meeting registrations based on their continuing financial support of the ARJD annual meeting and their sponsorship of its special events. Vendor attendees above that number would pay the same registration fee as other members. This determination by the board is based on costs incurred by vendors supporting our special events.

Treasurer Tim Fuller recommended, and the board agreed, that we redeposit only $5,000 of the $8,451.92 certificate of deposit that matured November 18, 2006, into another certificate, thus increasing our liquid assets from $3,800 to $7,200.

The board also agreed that the site planner, on the basis of the needs expressed by the Education Committee, should have the audio visual rental needs and costs (i.e. projection display equipment, screen and mike charges: podium, hand-held, or floor standing options, and number of days needed) built into the hotel contract so that there will be no surprise costs.

The board voted on maintaining an annual membership in Scribes, but this vote has since been held for further action due to a discrepancy in the actual amount of annual funding for across-the-board "organizational" membership (approximately $650). You will be updated on this following the Spring board meeting.

Sincere Regards,
Wilma M. Grant

Membership Committee

Kathryn Bann, Membership Committee chairperson, has done a terrific job of expanding our membership this past year. Kathryn has been joined on the committee by Bilee Cauley. Bilee recently had sent personal "welcomes" to new members, who have provided positive feedback on the warm welcomes that had been extended to them by Bilee. David King, an attorney for the Supreme Court of California, has been announced as our newest member, bringing the total of paid memberships to sixty.

Kathryn has sent the names of our newest members (3 years) to Leah Walker for the new member or "cub reporter" committee. Leah Walker is now working with Kathryn on a "New Membership Folder," which includes many ARJD documents as educational reference materials. Associated with that, the ARJD bylaws have been reprinted and will be distributed to all members by Ed Jessen.

The names of the executive officers have been sent to Carol Valentine, the front section supervisor for Legal Directories Publishing Company. Wilma Grant suggested that the names and e-mail addresses of new members be included in the Catchline as a supplement to the directory so that members could contact them. Additionally, any committee chair who has new information to share with the membership should send it to Cliff Allen for publication in the Catchline. Presently, Ed Jessen revises the membership mailing list and Cliff updates the directory with input from Kathryn.

"Cub" Reporters Committee

A new committee has been established to provide information to new members and to encourage their participation in ARJD activities. Leah Walker is the chair of the New Members Committee. Leah has been working hard in behalf of this new committee. She has contacted the group of 10-15 and received responses from about one-half of them offering their assistance. The new members were asked what their committee should do and how the ARJD could better serve them. Their responses resulted in a five-point proposal for discussion at the next annual meeting.

First, a mentor program to match new Reporters with experienced Reporters who have similar case loads, publishers, and staff would be welcomed. If any experienced Reporters would be interested in mentoring new Reporters, please contact Leah. Any time commitment or other requirements of such a relationship could be determined by the mentor and mentee as needed.

Second, a "Congratulations and Welcome" packet to new Reporters, deputies, and assistants to encourage ARJD membership is now being prepared. Information will include a history of the ARJD, our goals, recent Catchline issues, and the membership directory. Recently, many new members expressed pleasure in being contacted by Bilee Cauley and encouraged personal calls from other ARJD members. Leah would welcome any thoughts and comments from Reporters with respect to how they edit and prepare opinions for release, write headnotes, select cases for publication, and prepare digests. She would also be interested in learning how Reporters inform judges and law clerks about the work of Reporters.

Third, it has been suggested that a "clinic or class" be held during the annual meeting, preferably providing CLE credit, which would enable members to develop and enhance skills in headnote writing, selection of decisions to report, proofreading, and language. An e-mail from Brenda Mahoro, the Law Reporting Editor of the High Court of Uganda, expressed this need as well. The board expressed the desire that the ARJD membership be polled to see who needs CLE credit and who prefers non-credit clinics. Barbara Kincaid recalled the "Gentle Art of Editing" presentation at the annual meeting in Portland as a similar program.

Fourth, new members have asked whether greater use of the Web site could be used to list job opportunities, to include past meeting topics (along with minutes and materials), to provide an outlet for humorous anecdotes about the job, and to publicize the work of Reporters in order to spread a better understanding of what we do.

Fifth, the new members expressed a need for public outreach to make people aware of reporters' existence and function. Leah's law school legal writing professor recently "taught" her that West's regional reporters were official for all purposes, and that no opinions were edited before they were released. Possibly, the current reporter members could describe the procedures of the various offices as a service to those new to the profession. This service would also help the countries new to reporting such as Guam, Kenya and Uganda.

Leah recommended a round table discussion on these points at the annual meeting. Cliff Allen will follow up when planning the Education Program. Leah, Kathryn, and Wilma will compile and print a sample membership package to be reviewed by the board at its April meeting. Suffice it to say -- there was much interest expressed at the November board meeting in the input from Leah's group.

Membership Directory

The board expressed its sincere thanks to Ed Jessen, Denise Lynch, and the staff of the California Reporter's Office for the great job they do in producing the Catchline and the Directory.

Return of the Electronic Publishing Committee

Prior to the annual meeting in Kansas City this past summer Frank Wagner was contacted by the American Association of Law Librarians (AALL) about its concern that governmental entities are issuing materials only online as the official version without any attempt to authenticate the materials. This prompted discussion at the annual meeting, leading to the rejuvenation of the Electronic Publishing Committee. Since the summer, Frank Wagner has been appointed co-chair of the committee, along with Ralph Preston. Other members of the committee include Andy Ashe and Francois Boivin.

The practice of "electronic only" publication is seen as a threat to reliability. To the extent that judicial decisions cite sources that exist only electronically, the issue affects court decisions even if the official version of the decisions is printed. One example is the State Department's issuance of treaty information only online. The concern is that when materials are posted electronically only, perhaps to save money in the present, there may be no record of those materials at some time in the future.

A draft position paper prepared by the committee on the issue has been posted in the ARJD chatroom to give members the opportunity to comment. The committee will make any changes to the draft that it deems to be necessary or advisable, and report back to the executive board with recommendations as to publication and dissemination of the position paper. Thanks to all who participated in the discussion.

Honors Committee

Richard Ross reported at the November executive board meeting that there are currently no new nominations for the Henry Lind Award. If you have a nomination please contact Richard at

Web Site Committee

Andy Ashe reported to the executive board that the Web site has been updated reflecting new officers and committee chairpersons, and that the October Catchline and photographs from Kansas City have been posted. Links to several court sites have been added and anyone who wants to add a State Web site should e-mail links to Andy. Andy would like more photographs from membership. Send them to Alaska and Anchorage links will be added.

Annual Meetings

Lloyd Hysan presented the report of the Site Selection Committee to the executive board at its November meeting in behalf of himself and Janette Bloom, the new committee chair. Janette was unable to attend.

Lloyd reported that the Sheraton Hotel had been selected by the previous board from the committee's recommendations made at the April 7, 2006 meeting. The hotel is located four blocks from the town center at: 401 East 6th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. The room rate is $149 plus 12% tax, and reservations must be made by July 9, 2007, at 800-478-8700 or 907-276-8700. Special premium rooms are available for $170 & $180 plus tax.

We hope to fill twenty-seven rooms in Anchorage so as to avoid penalties in the form of meeting room costs. We filled thirty-five rooms in Kansas City, with unmet demand for several more rooms, so filling twenty-seven rooms in Anchorage should not be a problem. As there were no additional rooms at our Kansas City hotel at the time of the meeting, Lloyd suggests that anyone who intends to go to Anchorage should book early. If there is enough early interest, we can increase the size of the room block. Since vendors use rooms from the block, we will inquire into how many rooms they plan to use.

Lloyd mentioned that a good connection in flying to Anchorage for those on the east coast is through Atlanta on Delta or via Alaska Airlines. Each has a direct flight to Anchorage from Atlanta that takes about seven and one-half hours. The hotel has advised that they are located about eight miles from the airport and that a one-way cab fare is $20. Lloyd will locate and distribute information regarding any shuttle service from the airport to the hotel.

Member Marilyn May, Clerk of the Supreme Court of Alaska, has suggested several venues for events in Anchorage. The Captain Cook Hotel has been recommended for the Wednesday night arrival dinner -- ARJD Vice President Edith Lavin will be handling all arrangements for this event (probably prepaid at time of registration) and will advise of details in due course. Earlier, Lloyd experienced a scenic railroad trip around Cook Inlet with food and refreshments that he recommends as a good event for possible sponsorship by a host vendor. There will be more information to come.

The site of the 2008 annual meeting will be Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from August 7-11. The Omni William Penn Hotel has been selected as the site for the 2008 annual meeting. The room rate will be $135 plus tax, and reservations must be made by July 7, 2008, at 800-843-6664.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, will be the site of the August, 2009, annual meeting. Contract proposals have been received from several Halifax hotels. Room rates currently are lower than the association ceiling, even in Canadian dollars. Janette will arrange a site visit. Lloyd and Barbara Kincaid indicated that they will also be visiting there this spring. Barbara notes that the Sheraton Four Points Hotel is in a beautiful harbor area location.

Educational Program in Alaska

The Education Committee Chair, Cliff Allen, has followed up on a recommendation by Marilyn May, Clerk of the Alaska Supreme Court, recommending Father Michael Oleksa, an Alaskan, Russian Orthodox priest, as a keynote speaker for our Anchorage meeting. Father Oleksa speaks on cross-cultural communication issues and has recently served as a member of the Alaskan Governor's Tolerance Commission and the Subsistence Leadership Summit. He will be speaking to us on Thursday afternoon, August 2, 2007.

The complete education program should be set by the end of February. In addition to guest speakers, the use of roundtable discussions at the meetings is planned. One will be led by new members to keep our organization responsive to their needs.

Volunteers Wanted: Archivist and Parliamentarian

There is a need for a volunteer to act as the ARJD's Archivist. Also, a volunteer is needed to act as ARJD Parliamentarian to research and handle issues involving association procedures and bylaws. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions please contact Wilma Grant (202-479-3455).

Promotion Announced by Reporter of Decisions

In September, 2006, Brian Redmond joined Sara Rocha as a Deputy Reporter in the office of the Reporter of Decisions of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Brian was appointed an Assistant Reporter of Decisions in September 2001. Prior to joining the office of the Reporter, Brian served as an attorney editor, publication editor, and manager of product development at Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company and its successor, West Group. Brian received his J.D. at Cornell Law School.

Third International Law Reporting Symposium

An item on the agenda for our Anchorage meeting should be where and when to have the Third International Law Reporting Symposium. Frank Wagner has suggested that because of the large Canadian contingency in the ARJD, a major Canadian city would be a fitting location, thus placing the international symposium in a third different country. Andy Ashe and Gary Spivey will be asked to spearhead a new multimember planning committee for the Third Symposium based on their past experience with the last symposium. Questions for membership consideration in Anchorage: Can we organize a symposium in two years and is Halifax the right location? Or should we plan for 2010 or thereafter and where?

There are still Second International Symposium pamphlets available. Ed Jessen is storing quite a number of pamphlets. Contact Ed at

Next Executive Committee Meeting

The next Executive Committee meeting will be held at the United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C. on Friday, April 6, 2007. The agenda items are being solicited now from the Officers and Committee Chairs. If you have an agenda item you would like us to consider please advise any officer. If you are in Washington D.C. that day please plan to attend.

2006-2007 Officers

President: Wilma M. Grant,
Supreme Court of the United States

Vice President: Edith Lavin,
Supreme Court of California

Secretary: Kevin Loftus,
Supreme Court of Connecticut

Treasurer: Tim Fuller,
Supreme Court of Washington

Past President: Barbara Kincaid
Supreme Court of Canada

2006-2007 Committee Chairpersons

Education/Newsletter Editor: C. Clifford Allen,
Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

Newsletter Publisher: Edward Jessen,
Supreme Court of California

Electronic Publishing: Frank Wagner,
Supreme Court of the United States;
Ralph W. Preston,
Supreme Court of Ohio

Honors: Richard D. Ross,
Kansas Supreme Court and Appeals Court

Membership: Kathryn M. Bann,
Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Nominating Committee: Shauna Thomas,
Supreme Court of Montana

Site Selection Committee: Janette Bloom,
Supreme Court of Nevada

Website Committee: Charles A. Ashe,
New York State Law Reporting Bureau

New Members Committee: Leah Walker,
Supreme Court of the United States

Association of Reporters of Judicial Decisions

President: Wilma Grant
Manager, Publications Unit, Office of Data Systems
Supreme Court of the United States

Vice-President: Edith V. Lavin
Supreme Court Attorney
Supreme Court of California

Secretary: Kevin Loftus
Reporter of Decisions
Supreme Court of Connecticut

Treasurer: Truman S. Fuller
Reporter of Decisions
Supreme Court of Washington

The Catchline Editor: C. Clifford Allen
Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

Publisher: Edward W. Jessen
Supreme Court of California

Layout: Denise Lynch
Supreme Court of California

Volume XXVI, No. 2 January 2007

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